‘Women in Art’ project in Paris

EquiLibre Cover Art - Paradigme Mode

Autodidact artist Nathalie Correia displays her work for the ‘Women in Art’ project. The international project is dedicated to giving women their long due and deserved visibility in a male dominated art world. ‘Women in Art’ is led by Spanish art curator Margarita Asuar. Together, they created Nathalie’s exhibit “Equilibre”.

About the project. Women In Art.

Last year, art curator and activist Margarita Asuar launched the program ‘Women In Art’ after realizing how lacking and prejudiced the art market remained towards women artists. Its goal is to restore balance. It will not stop until women artists around the world as just as represented as men in the museums and galleries of the world.

Art Curator, activist, gallerist museum manager and lawyer, Founder of the Women in Art project, Margarita Asuar

The initiative is a collective project under the umbrella of the Spanish association Asociación Armazón. The association is notably responsible for bringing into the world artful translations of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDGs art exhibition poster by Yolanda Pérez, Mixed technique, acrylics and inks on canvas treated on board, 70x100cm

The project quickly grew beyond Europe. It is now co-curated by other amazing women around the world, such as Maria Jannelli in Italy, María de la Vega in Argentina or Tian Luo in China. Every country has their own co-curator. Franco-spanish artist and gallerist Lina Martín Calvo is the project lead in France.

Artist and gallerist, ‘Women in Art’ project curator in France, Lina Martín Calvo

About the artist. Nathalie Correia.

Nathalie Correia has always been an artist. For a very long time, Nathalie expressed herself through different forms of art. She danced ballet. She even studied fashion and style.

But she felt her creativity was restricted by the confines of precise movement and designated canvasses. The only option for her was to become a painter and a sculptor, capable of creating her own.

Artist, Nathalie Correia

“My work revolves around cutting and formatting all sorts of materials. Truly, my inspiration is the dance that lives inside of me.”

Nathalie Correia, Artist and member of the ‘Women in Art’ collective

She chose to teach herself painting first. She then attended a multitude of Beaux-Arts ateliers on sculpting and moulding. She is now part of the ‘Women in Art’ collective.

About the artwork and the exhibit. EquiLibre.

A collection of international characters and figures came to the opening of Nathalie’s exhibit at Atelier Galería de Arte, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris.

Black and white with touches of blue came to make a strong statement about internal reflexions.

Her selected work spoke of societal themes like overpopulation, as well as personal experiences like going to the beach or feeling yourself change.

‘plage’ by Nathalie Correia
Painting, sculpture, Mixed technique

‘surpopulation’ by Nathalie Correia
Painting, sculpture, Mixed technique

Nathalie’s sculptures intrigued the eye. The surrealistic curvilinear cut-out personas lounging about felt like they were taken straight from the artist’s head, inviting us to smile, breathe and take a moment to appreciate our own internal dances.

Sculpture display
at Atelier Galería de Arte
‘la pêche’ by Nathalie Correia
Sculpture and painting, Mixed technique

Her paintings transcended traditional bounds and cut out art overflowed from the two-dimensional canvases into the world. The delicate technique with embossed patterns created a strong feeling of depth.

If you’re swinging about in Paris, you can still see her work on display near Montparnasse, at Atelier Galería de Arte – AGA Internacional, 7, Rue de la Sablière, 75014.

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Written by Malu Benjamin
March 15, 2023

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