Paradigme Mode: The Creation Story


Paradigme Mode was founded upon a string of realizations. These realizations came slowly yet forcefully, as if what had been a slightly blurry image of reality was at once vibrantly clear. This clear image which I now see, the real truth of the fashion industry, is communicating one thing: an urgent need for change.

“Art imitates art in all facets.

The story starts with a love for art, as many great stories do. Music and fashion have always been my two greatest passions, and I feel that they influence and affect one another greatly. Art imitates art in all facets. It was this love for art and creativity that first led me to Parsons school of Design in New York City in 2016. It was also here that the blurry image first began to clear.

During my time at Parsons, I began to uncover the secrets that the fashion industry hides in the shadows. The harsh truths hidden in countries far from our consumer bubbles, where pollution, mistreatment, and dehumanization fester on and on, largely overlooked. These were the glimpses into reality that first rooted in me the desire to make a change.

Shortly after my time at Parson’s, I relocated to London where I continued my education at Central Saint Martins in the areas of photography and creative direction. As I was deeply passionate about sustainability, for my final project I wanted to find a way to produce fabric from recycled bottles. After countless weeks of research and gathering of materials, I had everything ready, but was disappointed by how difficult the final step– the actual manufacturing of the collection– truly was.

My dream post-studies had always been to launch my own brand, as was the dream of many of my fellow students, but we all quickly discovered that we lacked the kind of money and connections it took to make this dream a reality. That was another part of the blurry image that became clear to me– the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that stood between a creator’s vision and the actual material fruition of it. Something many people outside the industry may be unaware of.

With my dream of launching a brand on the back burner, I instead accepted a job at Inditex, where I festered uncomfortably for almost two years, knowing that my visions for a more sustainable future were being wasted. However, my options seemed limited. I had so many ideas, so much passion and knowledge and conviction to change the industry, but I still faced the daunting barriers that stood in front of all young creators.

That was when my dream began to change.

I wondered if there could be a way to rip away these barriers. There were so many bright young creators out there like myself who wanted to make a difference, and yet, the ones who actually had access to the industry were only seeming to pollute and corrupt it all the more. We needed a way for these reform-seeking visionaries to bring their creations into the world. I was overwhelmed by the conviction that someone needed to make a way.

The blurry picture in that moment became vibrantly clear. The industry didn’t need simply another sustainable creator, they needed someone to rip down these barriers, someone to pave a new road to accessibility in fashion, to not only provide a space for those who were disappointed in the industry but opportunity for those who sought to change it.

 “We have to do this.
We have to change the industry.

I took a trip through the north of France with a mutual friend– Guillaume Lelasseur, and I shared these goals with him, many convictions which he shared as well. It was there, in Rouen, where Guillaume first turned to me and said: “we have to do this. We have to change the industry.”

It all sort of fell together. Guillaume and I complemented each other well, shared many of the same visions and passions, and yet brought diverse skillsets to the table. In a way you could say it was destiny. That was the trip that gave birth to Paradigme Mode.

Par•a•digm; Noun:  

1. An outstandingly clear example or archetype.

It felt fitting. The Merriam Webster English Dictionary defines a paradigm as “an outstandingly clear example or archetype.” In the midst of brokenness, chaos or confusion, a paradigm emerges to shift the narrative. To prove that all hope is not lost. To offer a glimpse of light in a time when light is desperately needed.

Our intentions are clear:

To establish a new paradigm in the fashion industry by simplifying the process of sustainable production for creators across the world. We will achieve this through the duality of our two creative entities: Paradigme Mode Studio and Paradigme Magazine (today rebranded as VISION MODE).

Through Paradigme Mode Studio, we offer guidance and resources to flourishing fashion brands within any stage of their development by providing a variety of services, including marketing, photography, web design, consulting, and manufacturing.

Paradigme Magazine (today rebranded as VISION MODE) was established in support of these processes, as a safe space and relief from the constant noise around fashion consumers. We hope that those who are disappointed in the industry can turn to this community and trust that change is coming. Take our words as inspiration, education, relief, and comfort. We harbor a movement within these pages.

“We are living in a time where we need to make a choice, and half of  humanity has not done it yet.”

− Vivienne Westwood

This is our choice. This is our commitment to do better, and be better, because our earth, fellow human beings and future generations deserve it.

We are happy to introduce ourselves as Paradigme Mode, and we sincerely hope you make the choice along with us.

Written by Emma Enebak
August 10, 2022

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