Our Sustainability Commitments

Our goal is to change the paradigm of the industry towards a more ethical and fair future. As a disruptive media on sustainable fashion and all-around art de vivre, we are committed to show people all around the world that is possible to do things in a different way.

No Cookies on Our Website: To prioritise user privacy and reduce unnecessary data collection, our website operates without the use of cookies. This action also reduces our overall data storage needs, contributing to energy efficiency.

Local Server Storage: Our website is served to our users from servers always located near the final user. By keeping our information local, we reduce our carbon footprint while also supporting local industry.

Data Privacy: Our cloud, authentication system, and messages are all stored privately on our servers. We believe in both digital and environmental sustainability, emphasising the importance of secure, efficient data practices.

Flexible Work Environment: we offer a flexible way of working. While we often work as a team, we also provide spaces for solitude and focus within our office building.

Horizontal Structure: As a small team, we foster a horizontal, democratic structure. Communication and brainstorming are conducted openly and transparently, helping us reduce bureaucratic inefficiencies and ensure all voices are heard, thereby empowering innovation in sustainability.

Sustainable Fashion Advocacy: Our commitment to sustainable fashion is steadfast. We only feature brands that demonstrate tangible efforts towards sustainability, fair wages, and local production within Europe. Any concerns regarding these aspects are addressed openly in our articles, promoting transparency and accountability in the fashion industry.

Original Content: Our content is not influenced by paid promotions. We create and curate all our articles based on the issues we are passionate about, particularly those involving sustainable fashion and ecological responsibility. This ensures our readers receive genuine, trustworthy information.

Slow Media Approach: We champion a 'slow media' approach, focusing on quality over quantity and fostering mindfulness over mindless consumption. Our publishing strategy promotes a slower, more thoughtful interaction with media, which aligns with our advocacy for lower consumerism and psychological well-being. Discover more in our dedicated article.

Team Education: We believe that sustainability starts from within. We provide regular education and training for our team on sustainability topics, both in fashion and in the workplace, to ensure that we all understand and are committed to our green goals.

Ethical Marketing: We adhere to ethical marketing practices. We ensure that our advertising is transparent, fair, and does not promote excessive consumerism. We always strive to educate our readers about sustainable practices and encourage them to make informed decisions.

Paperless Workflow: As part of our commitment to the environment, we have adopted a paperless workflow. All our work, from brainstorming sessions to final documents, is digital. We also encourage our clients and partners to collaborate with us electronically to reduce paper waste.