The end of lab-made trends


Colours and materials dictated by certain groups years before collections is getting over soon. Going to tradeshows, overanalysing society´s behaviors, dictating what is considered right or wrong…

New generations are rejecting this idea. Some rich person, disjointed from society, in his hotel room, will decide what they will have to wear next year. Our society is ready to make its own decisions. Ready to exit the restrained, inflexible fashion industry.

Photo by Ben Scott

We want to choose everything, and creativity is growing at higher stakes, so more and more variety will start showing. If someone wants to wear something out of the norm, he or she will do so with no doubt or fear. The more different, the more shocking, the better, because it may originate a trend. A natural, fascinating and evolving trend. More like a living being rather than an artificial engine.

” Fearless creatives will be the ones to lead the industry in the coming years. “

Younger generations are refusing to swallow the trends fabricated by big fashion corporates. Today, even classic “influencers” are struggling to grab a generation that speaks for itself. In the era of a 15-second shine on Tik Tok, micro influencers and younger creatives are leading the path to new conversations. Shoulder pads could be easily replaced by dyed jeans, and transparent, pvc heels could be added on top. The look wouldn’t even shock in their open, wide and original state of mind. Today there is less and less time for judgment, and even less for doubting.

In this incredibly fast-paced world, whoever is ready at the right moment, will take the lead. That puts on the table new losers and winners. Years preparing a collection may only work for luxury or couture brands. But improvisation on the right themes could get a new face to the top of the market in question of weeks.

By Ethan Haddox

More than ever before we have a short-lived minute of fame, a quick flash of success, for more and more people. What will truly make the difference is how they will manage to survive and continue what they do best, once in the spotlight. That will be the difference between luck and real talent, between being at the right moment and working hard everyday, between having the right contacts and sending your work to everyone. Adaptation is key to an environment that keeps on changing and evolving, that keeps on rewriting the rules, that keeps reinventing itself.

A quick, speedy world means more and more competition. But, at the same time, it means more opportunities for everyone, as your turn may arrive sooner or later.

This can be overwhelming for other generations, used to work slowly their way up, to get everything ready for one specific deadline, to be ruled by constant timetables.

But the generation Z is now used to an ever-changing life, to surprises that can come any day, to chances to success that they will not refuse. They are not afraid to try everything, fail over and over, and then get the well deserved success in the same platform.

Thanks to them, new fashion trends will become fluid, shinny, unmanipulated entities inhabiting our wardrobes, giving us hope to dress up once again.

Written by David Ferrero Peláez
August 17, 2022

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