The end of lab-made trends


Colours and mate­ri­als dic­tat­ed by cer­tain groups years before col­lec­tions is get­ting over soon. Going to tradeshows, over­analysing society´s behav­iors, dic­tat­ing what is con­sid­ered right or wrong…

New gen­er­a­tions are reject­ing this idea. Some rich per­son, dis­joint­ed from soci­ety, in his hotel room, will decide what they will have to wear next year. Our soci­ety is ready to make its own deci­sions. Ready to exit the restrained, inflex­i­ble fash­ion indus­try.

Pho­to by Ben Scott

We want to choose every­thing, and cre­ativ­i­ty is grow­ing at high­er stakes, so more and more vari­ety will start show­ing. If some­one wants to wear some­thing out of the norm, he or she will do so with no doubt or fear. The more dif­fer­ent, the more shock­ing, the bet­ter, because it may orig­i­nate a trend. A nat­ur­al, fas­ci­nat­ing and evolv­ing trend. More like a liv­ing being rather than an arti­fi­cial engine.

” Fearless creatives will be the ones to lead the industry in the coming years. ”

Younger gen­er­a­tions are refus­ing to swal­low the trends fab­ri­cat­ed by big fash­ion cor­po­rates. Today, even clas­sic “influ­encers” are strug­gling to grab a gen­er­a­tion that speaks for itself. In the era of a 15-sec­ond shine on Tik Tok, micro influ­encers and younger cre­atives are lead­ing the path to new con­ver­sa­tions. Shoul­der pads could be eas­i­ly replaced by dyed jeans, and trans­par­ent, pvc heels could be added on top. The look would­n’t even shock in their open, wide and orig­i­nal state of mind. Today there is less and less time for judg­ment, and even less for doubt­ing.

In this incred­i­bly fast-paced world, who­ev­er is ready at the right moment, will take the lead. That puts on the table new losers and win­ners. Years prepar­ing a col­lec­tion may only work for lux­u­ry or cou­ture brands. But impro­vi­sa­tion on the right themes could get a new face to the top of the mar­ket in ques­tion of weeks.

By Ethan Had­dox

More than ever before we have a short-lived minute of fame, a quick flash of suc­cess, for more and more peo­ple. What will tru­ly make the dif­fer­ence is how they will man­age to sur­vive and con­tin­ue what they do best, once in the spot­light. That will be the dif­fer­ence between luck and real tal­ent, between being at the right moment and work­ing hard every­day, between hav­ing the right con­tacts and send­ing your work to every­one. Adap­ta­tion is key to an envi­ron­ment that keeps on chang­ing and evolv­ing, that keeps on rewrit­ing the rules, that keeps rein­vent­ing itself.

A quick, speedy world means more and more com­pe­ti­tion. But, at the same time, it means more oppor­tu­ni­ties for every­one, as your turn may arrive soon­er or lat­er.

This can be over­whelm­ing for oth­er gen­er­a­tions, used to work slow­ly their way up, to get every­thing ready for one spe­cif­ic dead­line, to be ruled by con­stant timeta­bles.

But the gen­er­a­tion Z is now used to an ever-chang­ing life, to sur­pris­es that can come any day, to chances to suc­cess that they will not refuse. They are not afraid to try every­thing, fail over and over, and then get the well deserved suc­cess in the same plat­form.

Thanks to them, new fash­ion trends will become flu­id, shin­ny, unma­nip­u­lat­ed enti­ties inhab­it­ing our wardrobes, giv­ing us hope to dress up once again.

Written by David Ferrero
August 17, 2022

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