The Brilliance of Degabriel: Artistry Meets Geometry

Artwork Degabriel Paradigme Mode

We had an amazing interview with the team of Degabriel, who create amazing geometric design inspired by nature and mathematics.

Who is Degabriel?

Meet Fátima de Gabriel, a seasoned fashion professional with a wealth of experience and a comprehensive education. Fátima studied fashion design at ESD Madrid and later specialised in fashion product management at Istituto Europeo di Design. She also completed two additional courses on marketing and sustainability, the later at London College of Fashion, which have provided her with a well-rounded knowledge base.

Fátima’s extensive education has been complemented by her diverse experiences in the fashion industry. She has worked in showrooms, including InFashion and Albion, and has also designed for El Ganso and Pedro del Hierro. With such a varied background, Fátima has built a strong foundation for her own brand, Degabriel, which she founded in 2020.

The team at Degabriel, Fátima at the right and Loreine at the left. Paris Fashion Week. March 2023

However, Fátima has not been working alone. She has partnered with Loreine Jiménez, a global sales strategist for the brand. Loreine is an expert in luxury management and human resources, making her a valuable asset to the team. Together, Fátima and Loreine are a powerful duo, driving the success of Degabriel forward.

Degabriel ‘s collection at Paris Fashion Week

At Degabriel, inspiration is drawn from the beauty of nature and the Golden Ratio. This timeless proportion is present in every aspect of our environment, from the growth of trees to the blooming of flowers and the development of entire ecosystems. Incorporating this natural harmony into the brand, they are able to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also balanced and sustainable. The Golden Ratio serves as a guide for their creative process, helping to achieve a sense of proportion and balance in every aspect of their work.

The Golden Ratio, also known as the Golden Number, Golden Proportion, or the Divine Proportion, is a ratio between two numbers that is approximately equal to 1.618. It is often symbolised by the Greek letter Phi (ϕ) and is closely related to the Fibonacci Sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers where each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers, starting from 0 and 1. The sequence goes like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so on. The ratio of each number and its preceding number in the sequence gradually approaches the value of 1.618 or phi.

The Golden Ratio is a remarkable and universal concept that is present in every moment of our lives, if we take the time to look for it. At Degabriel, they strive to incorporate this inspiration into every aspect of the designs, from the smallest details to the overall architectural structure, reflecting the beauty and equilibrium of nature.

The standout piece in the collection is the Olmedo, a rectangular bag with an architectural shape that resembles a layered building. It’s a testament to the collection’s elegance and sophistication, and both Loreine and Fátima agree that it’s their favorite piece. With its distinct handle and carefully crafted design, the Olmedo bag is a true work of art to wear.

Sustainability. Towards the future.

Degabriel’s production is both future proof and inspired by the past. This idea of meticulously constructed bags is reminiscent of those that Daniel Lee introduced in 2019 with the Cassette bag for Bottega Veneta, and it reflects the highest of leather craftsmanship, all made the traditional way in the city of Ubrique.

Ubrique, located in southern Spain, has earned its reputation as the country’s leather capital. The town boasts a rich history of producing some of the finest leather creations, which have been sought after by some of the world’s most renowned brands, including Loewe, Dior, Chanel, Prada, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton. Their exquisite use of the material and attention to detail have set a high bar in the fashion industry and continue to inspire artisans worldwide.

The village of Ubrique
The village of Ubrique

Degabriel is committed to sustainability and uses leather that is certified by the Leather Working Group. This leather is sourced from the leftovers of the food industry and meets the highest standards for environmental processes in tanning and leather treatment. By utilising this material, Degabriel is able to create their products while minimising their environmental impact.

In addition to their materials, Degabriel has taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Their factories are fully self-sufficient, powered by solar panels. Degabriel is committed to sustainable practices throughout their supply chain, and their packaging is made from reused fibers, ensuring a sustainable life cycle. Also, they are selling pre-loved bags on their website, prolonging their life cycle even further. By prioritising sustainability, Degabriel is setting an example for the fashion industry to follow.

The interview ended on an emotional note, as Degabriel‘s team shared a beautiful moment with us. When asked about something positive that had happened to them that week, they both expressed gratitude for the support they’ve received on their entrepreneurial journey. Knowing that they have a network of people who believe in their vision has brought them great joy and motivation.

As we wrapped up the interview, Degabriel‘s duo shared their final thoughts on their brand. They spoke about their mission to create products that inspire others to pursue their own passions, and their desire to make a positive impact in the world. By creating something that is not just for themselves or a small circle of people, but for anyone who seeks beauty and sustainability, Degabriel is paving the way for a more conscious and inclusive future.

Written by David Ferrero Peláez
March 24, 2023

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