Thrift With Us: Our Favorite Affordable Vintage Shops in Paris


The art of thrifting is nothing new to the fashion world. We as human beings have always had an instinctual longing to adorn ourselves in vintage. People have been borrowing from the past since there was a past distant enough to reminisce upon.

However, the purpose of thrifting has been redefined in recent decades. With fashion industry today claiming the position as the second most polluting industry in the world, second-hand shopping has come to be viewed as less of a creative hobby and more as a saving grace.

While there are many brands today who offer first-wear sustainable clothing, the process of seeking out and purchasing from these brands can be time-consuming and expensive. There is no surer, simpler or cheaper way to shop sustainably than thrifting; and if you are lucky enough to be in Paris, the options for second-hand shopping lie around nearly every street corner, and come at a range of prices and styles accessible to nearly every consumer.

At Paradigme Mode, we believe that sustainable, ethical fashion can and should be accessible to every member of the fashion world.

That is why we compiled a list of our favorite thrift destinations in Paris, accounting for a wide range of options in style, location and price. We hope your wardrobe and conscience will be left a bit brighter after indulging in this list of the chiquest thrift destinations in the city of fashion.

Freepstar– 20 Rue de Rivoli

Come to Freepstar prepared to sort. This 2 story vibrant shop is overrun by crowded racks and shelves of deals as cheap as just €1, but you will have to sift through lots of rocks in order to find the jewels. Freepstar’s selection is so wide and unique that it’s nearly impossible to categorize, and they certainly don’t attempt to do so. The jacket you’ve been dreaming of may very well be hanging in a clutter of lingerie dresses and men’s outerwear. Don’t be afraid to become one with the chaos, the process of searching may just be what makes those special finds so rewarding in the end!

 Bhumi– 28 Rue Rivoli

Bhumi’s organized and brightly lit interior features pieces neatly sorted by garment type, gender and style. You will be pleasantly transported by their vintage selections, largely featuring ensembles from the both 80’s and 90’s. Their affordable prices range from about €10- €50, depending on garment type and/or brand. However, for those seeking bargains, a steep spiral staircase leads to an attic-like section above, featuring an entire selection of clothing priced at just €5! Don’t be fooled by the cheap price, we found a range of quality pieces in this haven of an attic.

Thrift shops in Paris

If you’re looking to save yourself the stress of winter coat shopping next November, consider searching for cheap ahead-of-season finds here. This is a great sustainability tactic, as purchasing discounted pieces ahead-of-season will prevent the urge to shop at cheap fast fashion shops once the actual season comes around.

The King of Frip– 33 Rue du Roi de Sicile

This inviting wooden exterior situated near the corner of Rue du Roi de Sicile holds an array of treasures. You might just die and go to denim heaven while glancing across their collections of jeans, shorts, dresses, tops and even overalls. These racks are seamlessly organized by brand and garment style, featuring names you’ll be happy to recognize, including Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste. While these high-end names are well worth the €50- €70 prices, their garments are not all perfectly preserved, and may require a good iron post-purchase.

  Mamz’Elle Swing– 35 bis Rue du Roi de Sicile

Step into this selective vintage haven and truly be transported. Everything about this little shop– from its exterior, to its decor, to its ambience– truly encapsulates a journey to the past. Their selections include pieces from as far back as the 1930’s all the way through to the 60’s. These garments evoke the height of sophistication, with racks of billowing skirted dirndl dresses, high-waisted sailor pants, slouch hats, classic pearls, tailored skirt suits, and even old Hollywood style evening dresses.

While some of these finds may be as old as 10 decades, they are fantastically conserved. With this being said, the collection runs on the pricier side, but is well worth the investment, as you will find truly unique, high-quality vintage pieces that would surely be impossible to find elsewhere.

Kilo Shop– 69-71 Rue de la Verrerie

For anyone dying to feel like the main character in a 90’s film, this vintage shop will surely be heaven. The Kilo Shop stands true to its name, as prices are fixed by weight rather than by individual garment. This unique aspect makes the shop a true haven for bargain hunters and vintage collectors alike. Their collection drips with personality, featuring sporty leather jackets, 90’s denim, printed silk scarves, and colorful felt-tipped berets. Their playful shop window says it all: “Choose, Weigh, Take Away.”

“Thrift is poetic because it is creative; waste is unpoetic because it is waste.” ― G.K. Chesterton

While we understand that the venture shopping sustainably can be intimidating, combing through stores like these is a cheaper, simpler (and fun) way to respect the environment while indulging in the thrill of fashion. We hope you enjoy your affordable vintage tour through Paris! If you are looking for high-end exclusive vintage apparel, check our article on luxury vintage stores!

Written by Emma Enebak
September 5, 2022

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